Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant?

Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant?

Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant from Neweverestllc?

Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant? right fluent focuses primarily on providing businesses with strategic IT advice for enhancing their operational efficiency, enhancing their business processes, and ensuring business continuity.

We evaluate the infrastructure of our clients and offer suggestions for how to improve it to achieve business objectives. Customers who are unfamiliar with technical solutions may also gain from using IT consulting services.

Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant?
Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant?

A company can easily adopt the most recent strategies and technologies and align them with its business goals and objectives with the assistance of an IT consultant. A business’s performance, scalability, and competitiveness can all be enhanced with the appropriate technology enablement and deployment. We specialize in IT infrastructure and Cloud solutions and services as Dubai’s leading IT company. We want to be more than just a trustworthy partner in IT consulting. Businesses benefit from solutions that are collaborative, intelligent, and integrated.

What makes right fluent’s consultancy service so comprehensive compared to other IT service providers?

Why should you hire an IT & Security Consultant? right fluent will offer expert guidance in choosing the best solution for the client after evaluating the client’s business model and identifying their needs. In addition, the right fluent will delegate its ideas to an IT service team with extensive industry knowledge. In addition, it’s a good idea to get an outsider’s perspective on their business. Clients can contribute fresh ideas to your project by looking at the issue from a different angle. Clients will also be able to concentrate on running their businesses without worrying about the technical aspects thanks to IT consulting services.

Consultancy Services We Offer:

1. IT Strategy Consulting

An evaluation of the business’s current IT policies, practices, and infrastructure, including IT governance, application complexity, development infrastructure, databases, and data warehouses, is one important goal. Another is to align IT systems, assets and processes with the business’s current and future business goals. establishing a high-level IT strategy and aligning IT resources with business requirements. We plan strategic initiatives like software development, modernization, migration, and re-architecting to get to the desired state.

2. IT assessment

Efficiency, security, and compliance of the IT infrastructure are all improved by constant monitoring and evaluation. We evaluate server infrastructure, network infrastructure, cloud services, business applications, network security, software solutions, information security solutions, web design, and unified communications in addition to IT policies and procedures.

3. Technology consulting

We assist organizations with changing their plan of action and cycles by incorporating extraordinarily advanced innovations. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, multi-component ERP, software services, web development, network services, and unified communications are some of the services we provide.

4. Management of IT projects and programs

management of tasks within one or more IT projects to increase productivity and quality. This includes creating a project life cycle plan, budgeting and scheduling the project, organizing and managing the communication among project participants, and managing and improving the performance of the project.

5. Modernization of applications

Businesses can increase the business value of their existing apps with Mignet. We not only look at a company’s total cost of ownership but also look for ways to cut costs on their applications. We also move on-premise applications to the cloud and redesign them to make them easier to scale and change.

6. IT infrastructure management

Every company must have an IT infrastructure that is both reliable and adaptable. Our clients’ servers, networks, data centers, cloud services, and applications are managed and maintained securely by us. Our helpdesk also provides incident troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and incident prevention in a timely manner. patching vulnerabilities found during an audit of your IT infrastructure’s security.


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